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Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability

Today We Fought

Today we fought and today you left

to return in 10-days time when the happenings

of today will be mere shadows cast

upon the wall, fading in the morning light.

You are gone, and yet it is not quiet.

A building crumbles, a train whines,

an ambulance rushes, caffeinated drivers

pursuing the normal tasks of the day.


As I sit alone, still cast in

shadow, I wonder: do all poets live

in noise and shadow even as they

crystalize life? Do they marvel

at the immense challenge to

simply leave things at:


“I’m so sorry for your loss.

I love you so much.”-?

For every hurt in relationship

is a loss of what we want

and fear most: love.


And we will never get it right.

that’s the sadistic, glorious challenge:

will you still choose to be with me

if you know our future is full

of failure?


That is true love. To invite

the daggers with open arms and a smile

saying, “thank you for being a part

of my life.”

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