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Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability

The Stage

Sometimes it feels like we just play at life. Have you ever felt that way? The moment when you’ve been angry a beat too long and you blink, perplexed…

What emotion was I trying to feel again? Oh yeah, anger. 

Now there’s a subtle rub of foolishness as you work yourself up to feel angry again.

It’s like we’re all actors, but no one told us, and no one’s giving direction. We are both actors and directors. And producers (definitely not going to replay that incident- cut). It’s a warped version of The Truman Show.

Somehow things feel easier when you see The Stage. It doesn’t mean things aren’t “real.” They are. Your anger is real, too. The ease comes in realizing you can set The Stage, so to speak. Is it a comedy? A tragedy? Reality TV? So long as you’re the actor, director, and producer, you might as well be the writer. Wrestle those words to perfection. Be the choreographer. Perform the movements that are only purposeful. Be the audience, too. Don’t be afraid to give a standing ovation. Because before you know it, you’ll be bowing and the red velvet curtain will close. It’s the show of a lifetime, and the reviews are raving. You wouldn’t want to miss it.


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