laura thomas //

Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability


The very experience of being human that I vow to embrace
is the one that brings me the most pain.
“Yes, this human experience.”
“No, definitely not this human experience.”

To discard this source of pain,
what, then, should I vow to embrace?

The starlight?
Startling, brilliant,
yet cold and starved
of companionship?

The forest?
Teeming with activity
from the canopy to soil,
speaking languages I don’t understand?

The ocean?
Vibrant and intricate
beneath the surface
where I cannot reach under crashing waves?

The solitude?
Quiet moments of protection,
hidden vulnerability that will never
be held by the flesh of another?

No. I must continue to turn towards human experience.
If I must suffer the kaleidoscope of hurt
let me do it among others
who know the same wounds.


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