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Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability

One Blue Eye

This one blue eye.

It was all I could see,

and I’ll never forget it.


How it sat down,


yet resistant;

rimmed in red

of the blood ready

to be spilled.


This eye held the potential

for creation and destruction,

awaiting the jurisdiction

of unnamed angels.


Yet when hope is gone

something new can arise.

Where there is no hope

there is freedom.


Because you already know

how this story ends

and so you’ve got a say

in how you get there.


This eye…

It wanted that freedom.

And you could see the eye

taking the journey

of a lifetime

(though I doubt the eye

could see it itself).


The distance, resistance,

rejection, disbelief,

disarming, dismantling,

belief, relief.


The bravery.

The love.


Yes, this eye-

crystalline blue

with flecks of diamond-

saw it all.

Was it all.


And you have no idea

the freedom I saw

in this eye

that finally realized

the birds outside were here

to sing its praises.

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