laura thomas //

Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability


Dear Mothers,
You don’t know how beautiful
you are to me.

Like a bursting sunset
spilled into one corner of the sky,
majestic pink against
darker clouds
and howling winds.

You’ve a brightness
and a belief-
though not often in yourself-
that the world will be
a better place
for your children.

But oh, Mothers!
If only you could see
that it is your brilliance
that makes the world
a brighter place.

That without your
snack-packing impulses,
the world would feel

Would feel
Would feel

Your hearth is the warmth
in the darkest of times.
And seeing as you were a
child once,
you will intimately know:
Your children will never give you
the ocean of love
you deserve.

But that doesn’t mean
we won’t try
at some point.

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