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Discovering Strength Through Vulnerability

Big Writing Buddha in the Sky

Writing ruined my time at the gym today. Do you ever get that, Big Writing Buddha in the Sky? It pounced on me like a ferocious kitten with an adorable face and sharp claws. Worse, I wasn’t even doing a workout at the gym. I only had time to take a steam shower to stave the violent winter shivers rocketing through my body. It was my relaxation time that was robbed. And not for something magical. No.

Now I know the truth of what my writing mentors have begged me to believe.

Writing is not a magic carpet that comes to whisk you away into a land of make-believe. It is a nagging cloud that’s either going to spew rain, snow, lightening bolts, or, if you’re lucky, merely darkness that depletes you of vitamin d. Big Writing Buddha in the Sky, I implore you: I’m as willing a servant as any, but please. Not in the steam shower.

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