Laura T.


| \ ˈrī-tər \ | n.


1. a person, or dinosaur, who is madly in love with written word.

2. that thing your parents tell you not to become.

3. a calling.




I’ve been writing longer than I can remember.

In my past life as a unicorn, perhaps.

But it wasn’t until I lost my brother Scott that I realized how powerful stories can be. Writing has helped me heal and make sense of the world.

Today, I’m grateful to make my living as a writer and editor, but I do it because it can’t do anything else.

My series “Write Like a Badass”—and accompanying comedic short video—has been read tens of thousands of times around the web. I thought it hyperbole, too, until I accidentally wrote four books in 2019 alone.

In 2019, I published Shit My Zen Teacher Says: Ancient Advice for Masterful Living after struggling with questions about purpose, identity, and the ever-elusive thing we call happiness.

My upcoming memoir, Finding Magic, is a journey with me through the loss of my brother in 2011.

I’m also honored to have worked with dozens of leaders and writers to help them create their best work, whether it’s their own story, bold ideas, or rich fantasy worlds brought to life.